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Many of the musicians we book are recommended by people already connected to the festival or personally invited to play by the organisers. However, we are also interested in hearing from artists who reflect our ethos of local community, musical diversity, and supporting up-and-coming young musical talent. Priority will be given to musicians who reflect these values and/or are able to draw an audience. 

As a free entry, volunteer-run, not-for-profit event, we are limited as to how much we can financially support acts travelling from further afield. As a general rule, we also avoid booking the same act two years in a row.

Our Deal for Musicians: Nor Lye Festival is proudly free entry, volunteer-run, and not-for-profit. All money raised (through sponsorship, bar and merchandise sales, and concessions) goes to pay for the infrastructure and costs of running the event. In the future, if we do make a profit, the plan is to donate this money to local charities and causes. Having played in bands ourselves, however, we also recognise the significant costs involved in playing live music, and therefore offer the following deal for musicians booked to play the event:

  • Promotion in the lead up to, during, and after the festival weekend, as well as a lasting association with the festival in which we will continue to promote you in the future (for instance, on social media);
  • Professional-standard sound, lighting, and staging, as well as industry-experienced engineers;
  • Money to cover (reasonable) petrol costs, as well as something to eat and drink;
  • A permanently-staffed stall that can sell merchandise on your behalf and will not take any cut from sales.

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Sponsor Enquiries: 

We are passionate about keeping our festival free to attend, but making sure we provide a great experience, in a safe environment has a cost.

Our aim is to ensure that we cover these costs through sales at the festival, with the additional support of kind donations from people who share and enjoy our vision, as well as the generous sponsorship from the local business' community.

If you would like to support us with a donation, please use the button below. Your contribution will always be very welcome.