Nor Lye Artist Applications

Before you apply, please consider the following:

  • As a free entry, volunteer-run, non-profit community festival; we cannot afford to pay any musicians. We do, however, offer musicians: 
    - Something to eat and drink; 
    - Contribution towards petrol money (within reason);
    - A fully-staffed stall to sell merch on your behalf (0% commission);
    - The option of camping after your set (we do not offer public camping);
    - A lasting association with Nor Lye festival.

  • We often have a shortlist of artists up to 2 years in advance, so we may not be able to book you for the forthcoming event. 

  • Artist Criteria: while there are many exceptions, we are mostly interested in booking bands and musicians who are:
    Up-and-coming (i.e. young musicians);
    - Unique and unusual genres or styles;
    - Have not played Nor Lye before (or at least not the year previous);
    Local (loosely defined);
    - Those who help us promote Nor Lye and can attract a large following;
    Those who enter into the spirit of the festival (i.e. family-friendly & community-oriented; those who support Nor Lye even when they are not booked to play; those who stick around to support other bands before and after their set).

  • We also aim to maintain a balance between covers and originals, and are far more likely to book the latter.

If you fit, then we look forward to hearing from you! Please fill out the form below, including:

- Your artist name and location;
- A link to your music (preferably video footage);
- A short description of how you fit the criteria listed above.

As we're a volunteer-run event, please be patient in receiving a reply. 

Applications that do not specify how you meet (at least some of) the artist criteria will not receive a response.